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Are you considering a computer upgrade? Does your computer take forever to boot, or slow completely when gaming or grind to a halt when you are watching videos? If your computer is doing any of these things, then it is most likely time to upgrade your hardware.


What is the best way to upgrade your computer and what kind of money are you looking at and what upgrades are a waste of time? For many, these suggestions will be most useful but we suggest Contacting Us to book a personalized consultation. We can upgrade any hardware in our shop or in your home or business.

Upgrades To Consider


Adding more memory is the easiest and most affordable way to upgrade a computer, whether a PC or a Laptop. We install RAM or you can purchase RAM from us and install it if you have the skills.


How much RAM will you need? You will notice a significant improvement if you upgrade to 8GB but for heavier tasks or gaming, you should consider 16GB.


If you’re a serious gamer, this is a most important upgrade. Most PC manufacturers tend to have integrated graphics cards rather than dedicated graphics cards to save on costs.

Most modern systems integrated graphics is good enough for most users but many who play games such as Steam are upgrading their graphics cards. Contact Us to find out what our recommendations are and how much it will cost to upgrade your video card.


Whether you are running out of space or want faster performance a new hard drive is necessary. A full hard drive impacts performance. Computers with less than 10% space will perform poorly as the system needs that space to function well.


Consider a Solid State Drive (SSD). On average, a 5400RPM drive might achieve write speeds up to 100Mbps, a 7200RPM drive up to 150Mbps, and a solid state drive over 500Mbps. There are also higher end SSDs that have incredibly high write speeds of 1500Mbps and more. The downside of a SSD is they have a smaller capacity and are more expensive.


Upgrading your PC’s processor is an advanced task. Not only is it a more expensive upgrade and tricky to install, you need to worry about compatibility issues. They don’t always deliver vast improvements. But we can help with installing a new processor if you feel the need to replace the processor.


Your computer may be rather noisy, or could be locking up or even shutting down. These are signs that you power supply needs to be replaced. No computer runs well when it is hot and if left unattended, it could lead to more serious damage. Contact Us right away to book an appointment.


Again, because of cost savings most computer companies have integrated the sound on the mother board so installing a sound card just makes sense. Sound cards improve the sound quality of your system but the right speakers and headsets make a difference also. Let us know if we can help with some recommendations.


Is your Internet speed slow or are you constantly losing your Internet? Due to cost savings, most computers have network adapters that are built directly onto the motherboard and they might, at some point, need to be replaced by a network card. Contact us to discuss what we can do for you.

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" The Broadcasting business relies heavily on computers and networking 24/7. When equipment fails, we need components replaced FAST and Cost Effectively. Tek Solutions has been there for us keeping our downtime and our costs to a minimum. "
" Hofstede's Country Barn has used Tek Solutions Canada since they started their business. Their technical service is superb and they have always looked out for our best interest with anything and everything that relates to computers. Thanks Steve for your commitment and service. "

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